New Pokémon Snap Coming April 30, 2021

Get your Rotom cameras ready because soon it'll be time for a Pokémon wildlife photography tour!

Nintendo released a new trailer for the very anticipated New Pokémon Snap announcing the release date and some new details on the second Snap game.

While not revealed on the trailer, the press release explains the character played by the player travels to the Lental region to help Professor Mirror, and his assistant Rita, photograph Pokémon in their habitats and discover the secrets of the mysterious Illumina phenomenon. Very like the original game, New Pokémon Snap has the professor judging the player's pictures based on how close the Pokémon is to the camera, the pose and if facing the camera.

New Pokemon Snap launches on the Switch on April 30, 2021 with pre-orders available on the Nintendo eShop.



-Via: Crunchyroll

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