Otakutopolis Affiliate Program

Otakutopolis affiliated program



Welcome to Otakutopolis Affiliate Program, which allows you to get cash with every sale are made through your unique links.

It's free and easy to join. In fact, we pay you! Get up and running today.

Earn commissions by joining the Otakutopolis Affiliate Program! When you direct a visitor from your site to otakutopolis.com and they make a purchase, you score cash. If you have a website, blog, youtube or social medias, you can join the otakutopolis.com Affiliate Program and start earning today!

Why join? 

It's free! There are no startup or maintenance fees, so there's nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

How Does It Work?

When you join to Otakutopolis affiliate program, you will be supplied with your unique link to place and share wherever you like, for example in social media like Instagram, Facebook, Blogs or Twitter, which is a great and easy way to get sales too. You earn a percentage of all sales originating from your site,The more your visitors buy, the more cash you'll earn.

Can anyone be an Affiliate?

Otakutopolis.com wants to partner with any website that is interested in providing visitors. However, we reserve the right to deny participation to sites for reasons such as fraud, hate crimes, and pornography. Please bear in mind, you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Otakutopolis.com Affiliate Program. and you'll be on your way to earning cash.

Real-Time Reports

You will have the ability to see where sales are coming from and what people are buying, so you know what to focus on in the future.

Great Opportunity

There’s a huge potential for you to get some great rewards. At certain number of referred friends, the otakutopolis Team reserves you some good rewards.

Let’s start