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Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Otakutopolis Brand Ambassador?


Brand Ambassador Program


As a Otakutopolis Brand Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with our content team, become a regular on our feeds, and Top Ambassadors can score some sweet merch in the process. 

Exclusive perks: Enjoy special discounts, early access to launches, and other exciting benefits.

We’ll also send you regular updates and exclusive discounts.  

Make a difference: Be part of something bigger and contribute to the growth of Otakutopolis


Whether you’ve shopped at our stores for years, or just discovered us online, we’re interested in hearing from everyone who shares our love for what we do. Must have a public Instagram profile and be active.High Quality Content. Follow our social media

 Please note: you must be 18 or over!  


Otakutopolis Affiliate Program allows you to get cash with every sale are made through your unique links. In fact, we pay you! Get up and running today.


Are you anime or pop culture lover?, active on social media, and interested in the world of brand collaborations? Most importantly, do you love Otakutopolis?

There are many unique benefits being a brand ambassador for our amazing company This including exclusive discounts, media promotions, early access to launches. On occasion Otakutopolis will give out gifts to the ambassadors that they must promote high quality content on their Instagram story, reels and feeds even you could be selected for free samples!

Media promotions, Content for your followers
Regular updates, exclusive discounts, early access to launches.
Gain exposure: Showcase your unique style and personality to our global community.
 Become a regular on our feeds
Opportunity to collaborate with our content team,

1. How it works:  

Otakutopolis ambassadors will be required to promote Otakutopolis on their Instagram and others social accounts and tag us @otakutopolis in your pictures when you’re wearing or using our merch. You can use our #otakutopolis too.


Otakutopolis ambassadors will be given a specific, trackable discount code so that you get the products you love to show to your followers. Also,you will be given a discount code to distribute to your followers, friends, family, classmates, etc. 


Promote Otakutopolis with at least 2 Instagram posts per month – you must tag us in your picture with our product. Promote Otakutopolis on your Instagram Stories at least 4 times per month (2 stories must be your original content, 2 stories can be shared from the Otakutopolis Instagram account). Most importantly, we want you to have fun!


Our Brand Ambassador application is always open but we evaluate new ambassadors on a quarterly basis. While we wish that we could accept everyone that applies, unfortunately spots are limited. If you are not selected as a Brand Ambassador for this quarter, you are welcome to apply again.

A few helpful tips

A few helpful tips if you plan on applying: Our brand ambassadors have to actually love our brand! We don't even look at applications if they don't follow us on Instagram. @Otakutopolis You've got to love the gram! If you only post once a month, this probably isn't for you.

High quality content

Your content must be professional, High Quality. We look your potential and the quality of your content. Is your Instagram account Public, 24/7? We evaluate applications multiple times and over the course of several months. If we check your account and it's private, we won't consider your application.

Do you love Anime/Pop Culture?

Do you love Anime/Pop Culture and post pictures of yourself regularly? You're much more likely to grab our attention if your Instagram feed has some solo shots of you wearing our outfit or with any otakutopolis product.

Brand Ambassador Application

List your Social Medias Username & (or) Youtube Channel. 

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