Rare Gokus Possibly Lost At Sea After Major Shipping Accident


A very bad storm caused the One Apus container ship to potentially lose $200 million worth of cargo late last month on the Pacific Ocean northwest oh Hawaii. The ship was hit by a massive storm on November 30th that, according to Reuters, led to a swell that caused it to roll, losing over 1,800 of its containers. The ship is safely back in Japan and no one on board was seriously injured. The insides however, look like a giant collapsed Jenga.

Fans who pre-ordered the extremely rare Figuarts Ultra Instinct Sign transformation of Dragon Ball Z's Goku from the premium Bandai shop received an email yesterday letting them know that the sold out collectibles were traveling on the One Apus and would at the very least arrive after the estimated December delivery dates.

Premium Bandai sent an email to the customers stating:

“The ship is at Port of Kobe, Japan for investigating its damages. It will take several weeks to over a month. We are currently waiting to hear about the container’s status from the authority, and we’ll announce any shipping information as soon as it’s available.”

The Ultra Instinct Sign Goku Figures were originally supposed to be convention exclusives but had to be sold online after the cancellation of events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They were priced at $60 apiece when pre-orders went up over the summer, now, many are listed at twice the price on Ebay and other reseller sites.

"They all had sold out in fifteen minutes, which made people very mad. Bandai opened another preorder period for the Gokus that lasted a week on a made-to-order basis." Said Goku enthusiast Kevin Snow.

According to Snow, the first batch of pre-orders shipped out fine but the "made-to-order" batch was the one on the One Apus. Figures of Android 17, 18 and the US release of Kid Gohan were apparently also on the ship at the time of the incident.


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